Integrative Medicine Specialist

Tassone Gynecology

Shawn Tassone, MD, PhD

Gynecologist located in Round Rock, TX

Following an integrative medicine path requires you, as the patient, to have an active role in your health. Dr. Shawn Tassone, OB/GYN, is a firm believer that as a doctor, he is your support and your healer. Dr. Tassone is a practitioner of integrative medicine, where he treats you as a whole being, not just the symptoms you may be having. His practice, Tassone Gynecology in Austin, Texas, is currently accepting new patients who want to follow the integrative medicine approach.

Integrative Medicine Q & A

How can integrative medicine practices help me?

Dr. Tassone wants to get to know you as a person and treat all of you. He’ll spend quality time with you, so he can cover all of your questions and concerns, and gather your full family history. Because he’ll be treating you as a whole, not just a symptom or set of conditions, you can feel confident that you’re in healing hands. Integrative medicine can help you:

  • Maintain overall good health
  • Stabilize issues with painful periods or PMS
  • Overcome sexual disorders or concerns
  • Heal from frequent vaginitis flare-ups or yeast infections
  • Recover from recurring urinary tract infections
  • Manage symptoms of menopause

Which treatments are available with integrative medicine?

Any doctor can write you a prescription and send you on your way. But if the underlying issue and imbalance in your life hasn’t been resolved, your problem can come right back. Treatments for various issues are entirely dependent on your needs and symptoms. If you have frequent infections, for example, Dr. Tassone can help you figure out if you have a nutritional deficiency and recommend a dietary supplement for you.

If you’re experiencing hot flashes and mood swings associated with menopause, Dr. Tassone can certainly get you squared away with a hormone plan that works for you. But he can also guide you through lifestyle changes, like diet and exercise, that are also important for managing menopausal symptoms. Because Dr. Tassone cares about helping you feel your best, he’ll find the solutions that fit your lifestyle.

Will my insurance cover integrative medicine treatments?

It depends on the treatment, but many are indeed covered. Wellness exams, prescriptions, imaging, and blood testing, are all general diagnostic tools that tend to be covered under most major insurance plans.

Dr. Tassone might refer you to other practitioners to further your integrative medicine healing approach. For example, he could suggest acupuncture to help with extreme menstrual cramps, or hypnotherapy to help with relaxation. These alternative types of treatments might not be covered, although you may be able to use your flexible spending account to cover them.