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Gone are the days when removing uterine fibroids means that you have to go under the knife and then undergo a lengthy recovery. Using the latest treatment method, Acessa™, Dr. Shawn Tassone of Tassone Gynecology in Austin, Texas, can help you with fibroids. This quick minimally-invasive procedure will nix all of those fibroid problems and your recovery will take a fraction of the time it took with traditional methods.

Acessa Q & A

How does Acessa work?

Your uterus is fully mapped out before starting, so Dr. Tassone can determine the precise location and size of every fibroid you have. The Acessa system utilizes a small wand-like laparoscopic tool that sends out radiofrequency waves. With the help of ultrasonic guidance, the tool’s tip goes directly into the fibroid. The waves Acessa sends out shrink — or fully eliminate — fibroids, without damaging your uterus. During your procedure, Dr. Tassone can treat all of the fibroids you have individually, no matter their size or location.

While Acessa procedures are minimally-invasive and are conducted on an outpatient basis, you will need to go under general anesthesia for the surgery.

Will I be in pain afterwards?

During the procedure itself, you’ll be asleep, so you won’t feel anything. During this time, Dr. Tassone will likely give you an intravenous pain medication, so you wake up feeling pain-free. When you get home and for a couple days following your procedure, you’ll probably have some cramping in your lower abdomen. This is normal and isn’t any worse than menstrual cramps. Dr. Tassone can prescribe you painkillers if the pain is keeping you from sleeping or going about your daily activities.

Do I need to have stitches at the incision sites?

Probably not. During surgery, Dr. Tassone will make 2 tiny incisions in your lower abdomen. Each one is about one-fourth of an inch thick. These small incisions are just big enough to get the laparoscopic tools into your abdomen and your uterus is not cut at all during the procedure. Most of the time, Dr. Tassone can use skin glue to seal up the incisions. Skin glue disappears on its own as your incisions heal.

When will I be able to return to work?

While the Acessa procedure is completed on an outpatient basis and it is quick, you will need several days of downtime to recuperate. You’ll need a caretaker for the first 24 hours, while you’re getting over the effects of anesthesia. Within 3-5 days, you should be recovered enough to drive and return to work. Getting fully back into your exercise routine, or returning to sexual activities, may take a few days longer. Talk with Dr. Tassone to determine any special limitations you may have.